In the face of the tragedy of the Ukrainian nation, Poles do not remain indifferent. Also in Katowice, you can help by joining collections or donating gifts to refugees. All current information can be found on the website of the Katowice City Hall.

Events and exhibitions

20.05.2022-12.06.2022 Events and exhibitions

„Art Spaces / Przestrzenie sztuki” — Jarosław Rodycz’s exhibition in Small Space

The photographic project ‘The Art Spaces’ is the result of the artist’s long-term work in the years 2012–2022. It was carried out in Kansas City (USA), Utrecht (the Netherlands), Krakow and Katowice (Poland).

12.05.2022-12.06.2022 Events and exhibitions


Apparently, there is no better cure for melancholy than browsing through atlases, which work like a healing substitute for a travel. Devoid of a physical effort, imaginary journeys usually end in the interior, no one's land, an undescribed location of uncertain and misty status.


The BWA Gallery Art Club — artistic expression various workshops

Are you interested in art, openminded, curious about new experiences, and you do not know what to do on Saturday mornings?

Education in BWA Contemporary Art Gallery

Meetings are breaking the stereotype of contemporary art being incomprehensible and difficult to interpret.


Art (in) Education 6

Hoping that it will soon be possible to go back to normality, where we can realize our creative visions not only online, but also, and mostly so, in real life, I present you with the sixth volume of ‘Art (in) Education’.

A multimedia publication summarizing the project art_in_space

It presents the work of nine visual artists and a series of short stories written by the poet Bartłomiej Majzel, inspired by selected works.

Komorebi – nature-inspired creative ideas for playing with children

Nature-inspired exercises - ideas for activities with children! , You can freely modify them according to your and your child's needs.

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