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DIPLOMAS 2023 — The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice students public defence

In the best tradition of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, its soon-to-be graduates have their work exhibited. For many, this will be the first time that they have showcased their work to the public, whereas the audience will be provided with an extraordinary chance to meet and talk to artists and designers who are just about to begin their professional lives.


Painting Studio
3–4 July 2023

Monday, 3.07.2023, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery
11:30 Renata Depciuch
12:30 Sandra Szyszka
13:30 Joanna Płazińska

Tuesday, 4.07.2023, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery
10:00 Łukasz Kozik
11:00 Adam Oziębłowski
12:00 Tobiasz Frączek
13:00 Michał Dworzyński

Graphic Studio
5–7 July 2023

Wednesday, 5.07.2023, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery
9:00 Marcela Gawęda
10:00 Maria Bąk
11:00 Jan Kukułka
12:00 Paulina Winiarska

Thursday, 6.07.2023, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery
10:00 Joanna Rudzińska
11:00 Kinga Kosmalska

Friday, 6.07.2023, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery
9:00 Marcin Zonenberg
10:00 Karolina Lefek

Maria Bąk
Jan Kukułka
Marcela Gawęda
Paulina Winiarska