Art (in) Education 2 — for creative parents and educators

Good, creative teachers/parents know how not to impede the development and expression of their children/students. They can also correctly identify the actions that are manifestations of their child’s creativity, rather than treat them as ignorance, misbehaviour or attempts to challenge authority. What is more, they can identify and appreciate these manifestations of artistic creativity, and — perhaps most importantly — they know how to guide their child to boost their potential and talent. This publication has been created with you in mind because your willingness to read it demonstrates that you must be a creative person and you keep learning how to improve your work with children, looking for new challenges and improving your methods.

This is the second brochure of Art (in) Education, and I hope it will evolve into a longer series. Every year, we cooperate with people who are engaged in various forms of art — photography, music, design, theatre, dance, visual art — and ask them to share their experience. It is our pleasure to place this publication in your hands. We hope that you will find it inspiring reading.

Fragment from the ‘Introduction’ by Aneta Zasucha

Thanks to the support of the project by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the publication is distributed free of charge. Currently only in electronic version.

publisher: BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice
editor: Aneta Zasucha
year of publication: 2016
size: 155 × 226 mm
56 pages
edition: 300 pieces
binding: softcover
reproductions in duotone
Polish language
graphic design and typesetting: Jan Piechota
ISBN 978-83-88254-87-1