Art (in) Education 6

‘[…] Hoping that it will soon be possible to go back to normality, where we can realize our creative visions not only online, but also, and mostly so, in real life, I present you with the sixth volume of Art (in) Education. As I am convinced that the exchange of the best practices is always beneficial – because it allows us to learn from one another and inspires everyone to explore new methods – every year I prepare this publication in collaboration with a diverse group of art educators who can impart some of their experience and insight. Together we are pleased to treat you with this publication, hoping that you will find this information useful and inspiring. Enjoy!’

Project Originator – Aneta Zasucha
(From the introduction)

publisher: BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice
editor: Aneta Zasucha
year of publication: 2020
size: 155 × 226 mm
80 pages
edition: 500 pieces
binding: softcover
reproductions in duotone
language: Polish
graphic design: Jan Piechota
typeseting: Magdalena Niglus
ISBN 978-83-66006-13-3

Thanks to the support of the project by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the publication is free of charge.

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