Current and announcment

art_in_public_space — real and virtual

Art_in_public_space project launches a new space for exploring and visualising works of Polish artists.

We have taken a delve into some ateliers in search for works, whose digital reproductions could be included in our newly created virtual gallery, alongside with the literary texts that inspired these works, as well as audio recordings of interviews that we made with the authors.

The works and biographical information concerning the artists will be presented online, but not only. They will also be exhibited in the real urban space on LED screens located around our gallery. In this way, large-format displays that are mostly intended for commercial use will be repurposed as art space. This is an unusual change and the new intriguing interface will be presented to a wider public.

The outcome of this project will be summarised in a digital catalogue downloadable from the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery website.

Participating artists
Sławomir Brzoska
Małgorzata Jabłońska
Marek Kuś
Piotr Lutyński
Krystyna Pasterczyk
Jarosław Rodycz
Waldemar Rudyk
Adam Rzepecki
Piotr Szewczyk

Literary texts used in the project
Bartłomiej Majzel

Piotr Lutyński, Tomasz Dąbrowski

Ewa Kokot

Electronic publication summarizing the project 'art_in_public_space' (Sorry, in Polish only)