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Komorebi – nature-inspired creative ideas for playing with children

The booklet is a summary of the Komorebi project – eco-design (not only) for children. We address it to parents and guardians who are looking for ideas for creative games with children.

The booklet contains exercises inspired by nature – our ideas for forest activities are loose suggestions that you can freely modify in accordance with your needs and the needs of your child. Openness, creativity and free adaptation to specific circumstances are welcome!

The instructions contained in the booklet are addressed to you to the parent, guardian, educator, you will quickly find out which parts should be read to the child as an instruction to complete the task. I hope that you and your child will spend a wonderful creative time with our book!
Aneta Zasucha – curator and editor

The book is available free of charge at the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Bookshop, which is open during the exhibitions. We invite you from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-18:00.

The book can be ordered with advance payment of shipping costs.
tel. +48 32 259 90 40 inside 17
Tue – Sun in hours. 10:00–18:00

Out of print.

The booklet is available below for download in an electronic version.
Have fun!

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