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Collection. An Unique Exhibition of Works from the BWA Gallery Collection

Koolekcja (Coolection) is an exhibition presenting selected works by outstanding artists from the collection of the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, telling not only about formal changes so important in the art of the second half of the 20th century, but above all about the history of topics and issues that fascinated artists at that time.

Tomasz Struk, Rastry III, 2003

Zbigniew Moskwa, SSSSASSSS

Edward Dwurnik

Jan Berdyszak, Edward Dwurnik, Jan Dutkiewicz, Janusz i Halina Eysymontowie, Stanisław Klimowski, Andrzej S. Kowalski, Zbigniew Libera, Heinz Mack, Zenon Moskwa, Roman Nowotarski, Rafał Pomorski, Ludwik Poniewiera, Zdzisław Stanek, Tomasz Struk, Stefan Suberlak.