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Wild animals in towns – the natural world workshop for children

August 22, 2020 at 10.00—12.00

Contemporary Art Gallery BWA

FREE admission, registration required!

The Foundation for Supporting EcologicalInitiatives exists to:

  • identify problems related to the harmful impact of humans on the environment,
  • look for resources needed to solve identified problems,
  • organize work well (prepare projects and manage people),
  • support the implementation of the best solutions both on the Małopolska and nationwide scale,
  • help individuals and institutions as much as possible by co-financing their activities a
  • The Foundation cooperates primarily with local communities, non-governmental organizations, but also with universities and industry that cares about the environment.

We invite children (and parents!) To nature workshops, implemented as part of the Komorebi project – ecodesign (not only) for children. The workshops will be conducted by the Foundation for Supporting Ecological Initiatives.

During the meeting, you will be able to find out, among others:

  • which animals are wild – we will talk about the difference between domestic animals and those found in the wild, showing examples of wildlife and explaining how wild animals are categorised into different groups. You will find out about their habitats and species to look out for in a town (in buildings, parks etc.),
  • which wild animals are protected species and what is meant by this phrase – you will learn about things that you should never do to wild animals and how you can help wild animals in living in a town,
  • what dangers wild animals face in the urban environment,
  • what you should do if you encounter sick or injured animals – when to help and when to leave them – and which services to call when you meet injured wildlife,
  • tips on how to keep yourself safe – you will learn about diseases that might become transmitted from the animal to humans and whether it is allowed to touch a wild animal, as well as what to do if you get bitten: where to go, whom to tell and how to behave in the event of an encounter with a boar, a roe, a deer or a fox.