Current and announcment

Get to know the rules of sightseeing while maintaining the safety rules

The BWA Contemporary Art Gallery is not open to visitors at present.

Rules for visiting the gallery during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • There can be a maximum of 50 people in one exhibition room at the same time.
  • Visitors are asked to observe the one way flow of traffic (left-sided) and to maintain 2 metres social distancing.
  • Upon entry to the premises, visitors are required to disinfect hands and put on disposable gloves (hand sanitizer and gloves will be provided at the ticketing desk).
  • There can be only one person being served at the ticketing desk at any single time.
  • Visitors are required to wear protective face masks at all times when on the premises.
  • The cloakroom is closed and it is not allowed to leave clothes and personal belongings on the premises.
  • Security personnel ensures that visitors comply with the sanitary regulations.
  • As a precautionary measure, all educational activities and guided tours of the exhibitions will be accessible online, through the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery’s social media channels.