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Close-up Views — Relations – Tools – Knowledge

The close-up view is not always beautiful. The smooth fabric turns out to be criss-crossed with seams, and cavities are visible in the finishing coat on the wall. But a close-up view also reveals details that distance blurs. Looking at a Petri dish under a microscope shows whole unknown microbial worlds.

The close-up view complicates matters. What appears simple and devoid of nuance, can turn out to be extremely complex and unclear. What is coherent, seamless and total begins to appear in our minds as an assemblage of parts that are not always well assembled. Getting close to something or someone makes it difficult to make quick judgements and clear-cut opinions. It also makes generalisations trivial and general judgements lose their power. 

Close-up views is an exhibition-workshop where we showcase art projects that are close to local communities and ecosystems. Art that emerges from, connects with and perhaps even changes specific places. We invited artists working to intertwine their work with people outside the art world, their dreams, needs and fears. In doing so, we asked them a fundamental question: how this behaviour can affect the sustainability of environmental relationships and the well-being that depends on them? The close-up views are intended to allow us to see situated artistic practices that do not pretend to be universal, but rather focus on complex local contexts.

We combine the movement of bringing art projects closer to the world of life with approaching the process of producing post-art. We want to complicate the image shown. We will ask about RELATIONSHIPS (what alliances are needed, what bonds are established and what is the ethical dimension of these processes). We will look at TOOLS AND METHODS of work (discovering their strengths and weaknesses, pointing out possible applications and their limitations). We will reflect on the KNOWLEDGE (which is needed to initiate responsible locality-focused actions and what is produced as a result of these actions).

The exhibition is the contribution of the Academic Consortium Katowice – City of Science to develop a direction for supporting Katowice and the Metropolis GZM as a place for creative activity.

Joanna Rajkowska, Jaśmina Wójcik, Jadwiga Sawicka + Lila Kalinowska, Joanna Wowrzeczka, Cecylia Malik i kolektyw Siostry Rzeki, Jolanta Jastrząb + Katarzyna Krasoń + Magdalena Hyla, Pamela Bożek + Pracownia Endospory, Piotr Wysocki, kolektyw Śląsk Przegięty + Danai Chondrokouki (The Empress) + Paweł Świerczek (Hajer) + Hanna Świtała (Princ Wonglo/Valyen Songbird), Anna Kopaczewska + Dominik Ritszel + Piotr Ceglarek, Zuzanna Sekta + Pola Janiszewska, Klub Myśli Ekologicznej + Śląski Ruch Klimatyczny + Barbara Wojtaszek + Paulina Sylwestrzak + Ryszard Kulik + Małgorzata Rozenau, + osoby współuczestniczące 

Joanna Wowrzeczka, Adam Pisarek, Grzegorz Hańderek, Michalina W. Klasik

Coordination Team
Magdalena Palupska, Olga Kasztelewicz, Tomasz Dąbrowski, Aneta Zasucha, Mikołaj Szpaczyński, Magdalena Foltyniak

Visual Identity
Anna Kopaczewska

Program of events accompanying the exhibition
March 22, 2024 (Friday)
6pm: Opening of the exhibition.
6:30pm Discussion around the book with Jadwiga Sawicka and Liliana Kalinowska
April 3, 2024 (Wednesday)
12:30pm: Workshops on the go – everyday articulation (participants: students of the Siemianowice University of the Third Age, staff: Jolanta Jastrząb, Katarzyna Krasoń, Magdalena Hyla)

April 5, 2024 (Friday)
5pm: Curatorial tour time.
6pm: Chilling out. performance [Śląsk Przegielty collective: Danai Chondrokouki (Empress) + Paweł Świerczek (Hajer) + Hanna Świtała (Princ Wonglo/Valyen Songbird)]

April 21, 2024 (Sunday)
2pm: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice table tennis championship time.
4pm: Curatorial tour time
5pm: Kitchen with atmosphere. Social cuisine + debate (Club of Ecological Thought and Silesian Climate Movement + Barbara Wojtaszek + Paulina Sylwestrzak + Ryszard Kulik + Małgorzata Rozenau)

Opening of the exhibition — 22 March 2024, at 6pm
Finissage of the exhibition — 21 April 2024, at 2pm