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27th Biennial of the Polish Poster – Regulations

A word from the Organisers

Due to unpredictable pandemic circumstances and unfavourable financial situation – which means that we have to work with a limited budget – we have decided to introduce substantial changes to the Regulations. Despite the difficulties, it is our priority to keep this oldest and biggest poster competition in Poland alive and we do hope that with these changes we will see the Biennial grow – not come to an end.

We kindly invite you to take part in the 27th edition of the Biennial of the Polish Poster.

The Qualification Committee will select entries to be presented at the Biennial and the prizes will be decided by a panel of judges appointed by the organisers. Jury members:
Prof. Tomasz Bogusławski
Krzysztof Dydo
Dr Ryszard Kajzer
Dr hab. prof. UŚ Sebastian Kubica
Piotr Młodożeniec

Please find below the downloadable Regulations and the link to the electronic registration system.

Go to the registration form.
(The link to the registration system will be active from 1st of October to 7th of November, 2021.)

Download Regulations (sorry, in Polish only)