Frank Synowicz „Hail to the Chief”

The publication documents a project by American multimedia artist Frank Synowicz, which includes artistically interfered with official portraits of US presidents, from George Washington to Donald Trump.

By deforming the images of the heads of state, Synowicz attacks the dignity of the office and violates its inviolability. The noble faces of politicians turn into terrifying monsters, symbolizing the dark side of power, manipulation and abuse, the brutality of presidential campaigns, and the short-term validity of promises made to citizens.

The repulsive, distorted faces not only become the embodiment of the hypocrisy of power, they encourage us to ask universal and very topical questions in the debate on the condition and future of democracy.

Publication in four language versions (Polish, English, Flemish and French). A unique editorial edition, low circulation, on high-quality premium paper.

Table of Contents

Marta Lisok Playing with the state, Zabawa w państwo, Staatsspel, Jouer à l’état

year of publication: 2020
format: 23 × 30 cm
volume: 64 pages
binding: paperback
color reproductions
j. Polish / English / French / Flemish
graphic design and typesetting: Kasia Goczoł
ISBN 978-83-66006-09-6