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01.10.2020-18.10.2020 Exhibitions and events

The Culminations 2020 — Graduate Degree Show of the Faculty of Art at the Academy of Arts in Katowice

In 2020, the Faculty of Art postgraduate works exhibition is particularly remarkable. Due to epidemiological concerns, the exhibition brings together pieces that have been completed over the last few months. For the same reason, it is evident that this year’s degree works come from the time marked by precarious emotions and a tangled string of social narratives. Despite this fact — and similarly to the previous years — students’ works reveal a variety of attitudes and cover a wide spectrum of ideas. It is quite intriguing to find out that apart from works that deal with existential aspects, including a special focus on privacy and intimacy, there are long-awaited realisations that examine and interpret current reality or redefine our past and identity. A valuable asset of this exhibition is the presence of artworks whose form consciously points back to historical aesthetics and styles.

PhD Roman Lewandowski — Curator

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