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Matylda Sałajewska’s Back to the Roots – action art

Back to the roots – eco installation / creative and educational workshops for children

July 15-16, 2020
from 10.00 to 14.00

in front of the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery building
al. Korfantego 6, Katowice

FREE admission, registration required!

As you walk along the streets in your town, do you sometimes happen to see these tiny plants growing in between pavers? They are a part of the world that we have covered with towns and cities. They are traces of nature and the proof that where are now our houses, schools, offices and blocks, there once was a forest full of wildlife. And given any chance, nature will find its way through the urban fabric to manifest its presence. It is here now just as it had been here before we came. We are merely guests. Nature hosts us and allows us to live here, expecting to be treated with due respect and care. We tend to forget about it and the only form that greenery can take on here consists in concrete planters, groomed treelings, carefully arranged flower beds and properly trimmed hedges. Despite this, green life forms still have their roots entangled below the hot asphalt and they will spring on the concrete desert now and then, boldly making their way up, as if sending a message that reads: there is plenty of life underneath. I would like us to pay tribute to them. Dedicated to this cause is our action art event, combined with a hands-on educational workshop for children – and you are most welcome to join us for both.

Using natural materials, we are going to build an installation just in front of the BWA Gallery building. We will be looking for traces of plants to recreate the matter that is hidden beneath the asphalt streets, layers of rubble and concrete walls. The Gallery’s facade will be covered with what represents our imagination of the world underneath. Let it be seen in the full light of day. May it grow, may it thrive – with our help!
I look forward to seeing you on 15 and 16th July in front of the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery building, where we will be working together on an installation for nature: Back to the Roots.

See you soon!

Matylda Sałajewska